Marketing Creative Text

Marketing creative text is the text shown above your products in the carousel ad and this chapter covers basic guidelines what to take into consideration.


English is widely understood language, but if you have a localized site version for customers from different countries and regions, it’s advisable to localize ads based on user’s expected native language. For instance, don’t target French or German clients with ads featuring English creative text if you have a localized site for these areas.

Call To Action Guidelines

Similarly to email marketing and email subject line, a good catchy creative can increase your ads click-through-rates significantly.

Try to keep one focal point within your creative so it’s obvious to people what your objective for the ad is. Remember that the ad is shown in user’s newsfeeds, which especially on mobile is quickly scrolled through, so use creative to capture people’s attention and stop them from scrolling.
If you’re running a prospecting campaign, your audience is either in the consideration phase or generally unaware of your exact offering. Use creative to drive interest in your products or services. If you’re running a re-targeting campaign based on demonstrated intent on your website, use creative with a strong call to action to drive the outcome you care about – purchase on your web-site. Use social validation and create sense of urgency if applicable. Remember that product ads always feature Shop Now button localized based on user’s browser language.

Advertising Policies

Facebook’s advertising policies set boundaries for products, content and language. Every ad campaign is exposed for a review before launched, which delays the campaign launch from few minutes to occasionally to a full day. This still leaves a possibility that ad campaign or entire ad account might get banned temporarily or permanently afterwards, if it violates policies as listed in this article by Facebook. We request to introduce yourself to policies before launching campaigns to avoid any problems later on. Nosto’s filter tools allow for example excluding certain product ranges or individual products if these are expected to violate ad policy.

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