On-site product recommendations analytics view provides valuable insights about Nosto’s internal performance drilled down to individual product recommendations slots. View is a great tool for performance optimisation and tracking how well recommendations perform measured against other elements on the page.

  • Name: On top, highlighted letters – recommendation’s visible title. Below, recommendation ID (DivID)

  • Shown: Times displayed

  • Clicked: Times clicked

  • CTR: Combination of previous, rate of times clicked compared to times displayed

  • Sold: Overall products sold through a recommendation

  • Conversion: Also known as click-to-conversion rate. Rate of purchases measured against times a recommendation was clicked. In the example elements have conversion rates varying between 7-16%. This means that 6 sixth or sixteenth click on a product displayed in a recommendation directly resulted as a sale of the same product during the same visit i.e. product was added to the cart and eventually purchased.

  • Sales: Overall value of products sold through a recommendation

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