Overview menu features e-commerce related key performance indicators, such as average order value, sales conversion and similar, broken down in segments and also giving you a clear overview of Nosto’s share of overall sales. Analytics is based on data collected and processed by Nosto so it might slightly differ from other analytics services like Google’s as different analytics services collect and process information slightly differently. Typical and expected differences are listed in an FAQ entry here.


Key overall statistics of e-commerce performance. The tool allows adjusting time period and time zone settings.

  • Conversion rate: Share of visitors who bought something during their visit to the site i.e. Number of visitors who bought / Overall visitors = conversion rate.

  • Average Order Value: Overall sales / number of orders = AOV.

  • Abandoned Cart Rate: Rate of customers who have added item(s) to their shopping cart and then left the site without buying them

  • Sales through Nosto: Share of sales Nosto generated. In the example, Nosto personalisation was responsible for generating 7,2% of all sales.


Insight to audience statistics.

  • Visits: Overall visits to site. (Not unique visitors)

  • Page views: Sum of product page views

  • Pages/visit: Combination of previous, average rate of products viewed per visit.

Potential Sales

Summary of missed sales potential caused by cart abandonment.


  • Shopping Cart Value: Overall value of all carted items

  • Carts: Sum of shopping carts

  • Products In Carts: Sum of carted products

  • Carts Abandoned: Sum of abandoned carts

  • Abandon Cart Rate: Rate of abandoned carts i.e. carts abandoned / all carts

Nosto Recommendations

Recommendation specific technical performance statistics.

  • Recommendations: Sum of recommendations displayed

  • Clicks on Recommendations: Sum of recommendations clicked

  • CTR: Click through rate: Rate of recommendations clicked measured against times displayed

  • Sold Products: Sum of all sold items through recommendations

  • Sales: Overall sales through recommendations

Triggered Emailing

Nosto email performance statistics

  • Sent: Overall sum of emails sent

  • Opened: Emails opened

  • Open Rate: Rate of emails opened measured against overall sum of emails sent

  • Products Clicked: Sum of products clicked in emails

  • CTR: Click through rate. Rate of customers who click on something and return to the site after opening an email.

  • Orders via Emails: Overall number of orders after clicking an email i.e. sales through Nosto emails.

  • Sold Products: Sum of sold products (line items)

  • Sales: Overall sales emails generated

Total Sales

Overall sales statistics

  • Sales: Overall sales

  • Orders: Sum of orders

  • Sold Products: Sum of sold products (line items)

  • Conversion Rate: Share of visitors who bought something during their visit to the site

  • Avg. Order Value: Overall sales / number of orders = AOV.

  • Avg. Visit Value: Metrics illustrating value of each visit on the site. Overall sales / overall visits = AVV.

Sales through Nosto

Nosto specific sales statistics.

  • Sales: Overall sales through our core features.

  • Sales through Nosto: Share of sales through our core features (Recommendations, Pop-Ups & Triggered Emails).

Note: You will find the statistics for Facebook Ads and Email Widgets in the respective dashboard.

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