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I don’t see any product details nor images in the visitor dashboard, but repeatedly a text “someone viewed product – “, have I implemented Nosto correctly?

If you implemented on a test environment, which is unaccessible from the Internet, Nosto can’t verify the product data thus the feed and implementation won’t work accordingly. Read an article about implementing on a test environment and about updating process if this is the case.

On the contrary, if you implemented on a live site or on an environment generally accessible from the Internet, read further.

Immediately after Nosto has been implemented on a site and products are viewed for the first time, product details are not found from the Nosto index, images have not yet been fetched and therefore details can neither be displayed in the dashboard.


Depending on the traffic volume and how broadly product selection is browsed by the customers, items are found from the Nosto index and hence also displayed in the visitor dashboard. Solely based on traffic profile, the process might take everything from a few hours up to a day or two.

In case the feed is still broken after a few days most likely embed script is positioned and implemented correctly, but product detail page (PDP) has not been tagged hence Nosto doesn’t receive any product details or PDP tagging is simply erroneous.

Review that PDP is tagged correctly using debug tool and all required details are included. Most importantly following:

  • Product ID (unique product ID)

  • Product Url (Url for product is correct)

  • Product availability (Values: OutofStock or InStock)

Also review:

  • Product Url features an http protocol prefix

  • Date published, if applied, is in ISO8601 format i.e. YYYY-MM-DD

Product variables can also cause the issue. Especially in fashion, a product ID might have two segments: One for the product itself (primary ID) and the other for product details (product detail ID). If product’s ID and Url on PDP, cart, and order pages isn’t consistent this might ultimately cause the issue. In other words, if product’s ID or Url change when a product variable is chosen, this will cause the issue. As a solution report only the primary productID segment to Nosto, and ignore the “product detail ID” segment entirely.

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