If you’re sure that your site has at least some traffic and you have implemented Nosto, start by reviewing most common issues related to embed script.

1) Review first that Nosto’s embed script is positioned correctly on your page. This is easy to check by right-clicking on your site’s home page and choosing “View Page Source”. Search for connect.nosto.com or by your accountID. If nothing is found, the script is missing or included by tag managers, which are not supported.

2) If you implemented Nosto using one of official connectors, ensure that you have correctly set up Nosto.

3) Review the format of the embed script and make sure that last line and account name is correct and without brackets. Correct if needed.

Erroneous, remove brackets

(replace abcdefgh with your unique ID)




4) Review that Front Page Url settings match with your site’s address.

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