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FAQ about: Fallback recommendations

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You will find in this section the most frequently asked questions on fallback recommendations:

If a fallback recommendation can’t be filled, what happens?

The recommendation slot will not be displayed on-site.

Can I apply several fallback recommendations?

Yes, multiple fallback recommendations can be applied to a recommendation slot. Priority goes to the oldest created fallback recommendation.

Once I have created several fallback recommendations, can I change the priority order?

Yes, you can modify the order in the general settings section of the primary recommendation slot. Drag and drop to reorder.

Can I observe the performance of the primary recommendation and the fallback recommendation(s) separately?

Yes. These recommendations are treated separately and you can observe performance individually via the on-site product recommendation menu.

I’ve set-up a fallback recommendation but it’s not displayed on-site.

Make sure the primary recommendation is enabled. If the primary recommendation is disabled, the fallback recommendation(s) will be disabled as well.

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