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How To Customize and Design On-Site Recommendations
How To Customize and Design On-Site Recommendations
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Web-design is a paramount importance to retailers, hence Nosto features tools to adjust and customize design of the on-site recommendations.

Nosto’s on-site campaigns consist of two modules: Recommendation Templates and Recommendation Slots. Template is the part adjusting and consequently defining how Nosto recommendation will appear in a web-browser.

Every new Nosto account comes with default design templates which are a great help to kickstart Nosto on a site. Default design templates feature quick editor tools which allow editing key aspects of the design and are intended for merchants without web-design resources available. Read more about editor tools here.

Nosto fully supports customised design, which is embedded each recommendation slot as a style template. In case custom design is a business requirement, create new style templates, add your design code and embed the design for the desired recommendation. Templates support standard Html, .css and javascript.

Nosto is a solution provider, meaning that we don’t customize design on behalf of our customers as a project work. Web-design is something we expect our customers and their partners such as delivery partners to create. However, to make sure your online store gets the customized design and other functions it might need, in case you don’t have resources available in-house or by your solution agency, contact Nosto professional partners providing consultation and project work for our customers.

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