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Importing Dynamic Bundles as a .csv
Importing Dynamic Bundles as a .csv
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In case you want to create bundles outside of the editor in the admin user interface, you can create and import bundles in .csv format under Catalog Explorer > Import bundles

Supported fields

  • Activating product: The product triggering the bundle (optional)

  • Products in the bundle using productID

  • Headline for the bundle (optional)

  • Name of the bundle

  • Status, whether yes or no (optional)

Bundles without activating product

Add a header in .csv respecting following format. Headline is optional.

Yоu can add as many products to bundle as you like by creating corresponding headers for them with incrementing product number, e.g. product5, product6”. In the examples below, we have four.


and the values below, one per row such as in the example below (the last value yes marks the bundle immediately enabled)

7941,7942,7858,7930,Shop Patagonia,Patagonia bundle,yes

Bundles with an activating product

In case a product should activate the bundle, use following format for the header in .csv. Headline is optional


The values below are the same, except the first which is the triggering product for the bundle.

7941,7942,7858,7930,Shop Patagonia,Patagonia bundle,yes

Editing and updating

Once the bundle has been uploaded successfully, you can review and edit the imported data in an editor

Click import the bundle, which creates the bundle(s) uploaded and allows you to view them in visual editor

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