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Tools: Email Export
Tools: Email Export

Extracting the captured email addresses by pop-ups and login

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The email export tool under Tools > Emails allows downloading the list of collected email addresses by any of Nosto’s pop-ups and also lists the clients who Nosto can identify by an email address.

Insert the time range into the input fields, which limits the list descriptively to the selected time period.

Depending on your site’s size, it might take up to a few hours for Nosto to generate the list. Once ready, a download link is sent to your inbox to the email-address you used to log-in to Nosto admin. Note that you can’t forward the download link as this is associated to the user credentials used when enabling the export. The download link expires in 24 hours due to security reasons so try to retrieve the list as soon as possible.

The export list format is .csv and includes all email addresses tracked by Nosto including orders. The csv file contains six rows which are: email address, date, source, campaign, single opt-in, double opt-in.
If you only want to utilize email addresses after users opted in, you can blacklist users whose value is false (continue reading here for automized blacklisting).
In case a feature such as pop-up is used, the source where the email was captured is visible under column “Source”, whereas “Campaign” stores the campaign-name (in context of pop-ups: pop-up campaign name).

If these fields are empty, an email is tagged and mapped to Nosto either by user logging in or buying something meaning you already have these addresses in your CRM or ESP.

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