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How to block/remove products from our features

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Product blacklist allows blacklisting individual products or product ranges based on a product attribute. Blacklisted products are hidden from all Nosto features so consider it as a strong method to hide something that you don’t want to promote or recommend using Nosto.

Blacklisting products individually

Blacklist an individual product by using Browse Products-tool. Search by product name or productID and once you have found the product, click Blacklist-button in the right top corner.


Once a product has been blacklisted, the status in Blacklisted-area states the ruleset that has been applied for blacklisted. Clicking Unblacklist removes the product from blacklist.

Blacklisting products based on an attribute

Individual blacklisting is a feasible method when you have only a handful of products Nosto should not promote or recommend. In case you need to blacklist entire product categories, a brand or brands or products based on a specific attribute, the dynamic Blacklist is a practical tool. Start by clicking Add Products to Blacklist under Product Blacklist tab.

The text-area above, titled as Add Products to Blacklist is essentially the same than individual blacklist rules, but allows you to copy-paste a range of products based on productID, one per row.

Actual Dynamic Rulesets are available below, broken down to three applicable filters:

  • Category

  • Brand

  • Tags (meta-data)

Add the blacklist-rule into applicable input-area, one per row. In the example, following product groups have been blacklisted:

  • /men/jackets/premium-jackets -category

  • Premium-brand -brand

  • adult-product -tagged products

Clicking update will apply rules and hide products or if blacklist rules are removed, unhide products. Updating might take a few minutes, depending how many products you hide.

Selecting Correct Debug Rulesets

Please note that the format of productIDs and categories might differ from your product management, ERP system or similar. The best way to review the correct format of each attribute, category, brand or tag, is to review an example product from the product group using the browse product tool and simply to check how an attribute is mapped and stored at Nosto. Alternatively, you can use the Nosto debug-tool and browse your site, displaying the same details than under Browse Products -menu.

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