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Individual product information from the Nosto point-of-view

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Browse products is Nosto’s view and index of site’s product catalogue. Click any of the products in the list to open up a detailed product view or search by productID or keywords. Browse products is view-only, meaning that you can’t adjust any details manually using the tool. In case details are erroneous, there might be an error in the implementation itself.

Clicking Reindex launches a reindexing (crawling) manually and essentially updates the current product details and status. In short: there is [almost] never need to manually update product details as these are updated automatically in the background when customers open and view products [pages]. If a manual recrawling is successful, a notification such as below is displayed.

In case re-crawling fails, a notification in red displaying a descriptive error message is displayed.


Product view is a detailed view of product data Nosto has received and processed. Only the data visible here is available for the recommendations. In the example below, brand and tag-fields are empty hence these details are not available when building recommendation templates. Clicking link (next to URL) opens up the product page on the site. Blacklist button will hide the product from all Nosto features in few minutes, whereas re-index updates the details manually.


Product Statuses

A product can have different status listed in Availability (orange area below), which controls Nosto’s functionality and visibility settings.

InStock is a normal status of a product, which is available for purchase. Nosto will display these products.

OutOfStock or Discontinued is a normal status of a product, which is not available anymore for purchase. Nosto will automatically hide these products.

Blacklisted is a status of a product, which it is manually blacklisted. Nosto will automatically hide these products.

Unverified is a status of a product which Nosto has not validated yet by re-crawling the page following the url mapped in the implementation. It is normal status immediately after a product has been added, but if a product stays as unverified for longer period, it might suggest a problem in the implementation.

Other Informative Fields

Published is the time when product was added to the inventory. Note that if the detail is not explicitly mapped to Nosto, this is the time when a product was introduced to Nosto the first time.

Last update reveals when Nosto has updated the details the last time, whereas recent updates shows a back-log when updates have occurred recently. In the example below, a visit 09-04-2016 (ddmmyyyy) at 16:10 launched a recrawling process which updated changed details a minute later the same day at 16:11.



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