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Introduction To Nosto

Must-read for every new Nosto user

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This series of articles under Get Started introduces how to implement Nosto on any e-commerce site there is. The guide and guidelines here walk you through how to establish the data exchange between the target site and Nosto. When implementation is complete and solid, Nosto can track, analyse and process web-traffic [data] from the target site, which is used for all Nosto’s online marketing features.

In case you have already implemented Nosto and established data exchange, study how to set up different features here.

Also review if your cart solution is covered either by an extension or a plug-in as the implementation steps differ from the guidelines introduced in this article series. The list of extension and plug-in supported platforms is available here.

Implementation Checklist

As a first step, please check if your e-commerce platform or software is already supported by a Nosto extension or integration. In case the platform is supported we warmly recommend to use an extension and reading the platform specific guide as this saves you some manual effort and time, since the implementation process differs a bit from the one described in this article series and practically automates all the steps.

Second, make sure that you have a Nosto account and if not, sign up here or contact Nosto sales.

Every Nosto account has a unique identifier known as accountID, which is required in the implementation. If you know that you have an account, but don’t know your accountID, log-in to your Nosto admin panel and learn where you can find it!

Third, if you first implement Nosto on a local device or on a development environment, bookmark this article about implementing Nosto on a test environment for later reading. No need to jump there yet, as it is also featured as the last article in this series.

All good? Let’s start working!

Logging in to Nosto

When you log-in to Nosto the first time and until Nosto is implemented correctly, you will see a welcome screen such as below.

The welcome screen’s Set Up Your Store-button will land you to an onboarding wizard, which will guide you through the process.


The Setup Wizard

The setup wizard features a shortened version of guidelines introduced in this article with an intuitive user interface. Each step in the wizard assist you about what to do next or basically what is expected in order to establish the data exchange. In the example below the first step in the wizard revealing embed javascript and short guidelines how to use it.


The setup wizard will ask you some details and to add necessary pieces of code to your site templates following the implementation guidelines. Last step in the wizard is the full validation tool, which will run a number of automated tests on your site pointing out possible errors or warnings. Fatal errors are in red, while warnings are in yellow featuring quick tips how and where to review and fix. Green ones point out successful tests. You may skip the onboarding wizard and validation at any point, but bear in mind that Nosto features require establishing data exchange before you can use Nosto on your site, making the onboarding wizard very valuable tool while getting started.


Tagging Guide

Other articles in this series are more detailed articles of the same topics and steps present in the onboarding wizard. We suggest to read them in case any of the validations fail and obviously if you are still assessing how to implement Nosto on your site, without the need of opening up a Nosto account. If you prefer watching a video tutorial covering all required steps and articles in this series you find one below. The Nosto tagging guide (syntax guide) is available online here.

Evaluating and Testing Nosto

In case you are implementing Nosto on a test, staging or any kind of development environment, please read general guidelines how to test here.

Implementation video

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