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Tagging Optional Attributes
Tagging Optional Attributes

Additional attributes such as Ratings, Margin, Inventory Level

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Some product attributes are optional, but we strongly encourage to map these to Nosto if they exist in your e-commerce solution as they make recommendations stronger, enable advanced merchandising options to you, and allow more informative recommendation design, for example when customer reviews and ratings are present also in recommendations and not only on product pages. If attributes are not available, simply leave them empty.

Debugging Ratings, Margin And Inventory

Should you see a prompt as below in your admin panel when configuring recommendation filters it indicates these values are not mapped to Nosto, meaning you can’t use these filter types. As mapping attributes differ slightly between different platforms, in this chapter we cover how these are successfully mapped to Nosto.

Ratings And Reviews

Ratings in Magento

In Magento, navigate under System > Configuration > Services > Nosto > Ratings & Reviews. Choose the review and rating service you use from the dropdown. Support for ratings in Magento is from Nosto Magento extension version 2.10 or above.

Ratings in Shopify

On Shopify, if you use Yotpo and rich snippets are enabled, reviews and ratings are automatically mapped to Nosto. If you use another system or service for reviews and ratings, contact Nosto’s support and ask if your service can be supported and please send details of the Shopify property where you store ratings.

Ratings in Prestashop

Ratings are not currently supported on Prestashop without overwriting the module.

Ratings On Other Platforms

On other platforms maps rating values inside review_count and rating_value following the product tagging.



Margin in Magento

Magento doesn’t have by default a supplier cost (the buy-in price used as a basis to calculate margin), but you can map the cost to Nosto from a Magento product property where you store it by navigating to  System > Configuration > Services > Nosto > Optional Properties by using a simple toggle to choose the correct product property in your Magento setup. Support is from Nosto Magento version 2.10 or above.


Margin in Shopify

Shopify doesn’t have by default property for margin, but you can set the margin in a metafield. You can then contact Nosto’s support with the metafield's namespace and key and we can map the metafield to your product's supplier cost field in your Nosto account.

Margin in Prestashop

Nosto maps margin automatically if this is available in your Prestashop setup when using at least Nosto extension version 2.8.0 or above.

 Margin in Other Platforms

Margin is a sensitive detail and thus should not be added to product tagging visible in page source. If you’re on other platform, upload your product catalogue and margin detail to Nosto using the ProductAPI.


Inventory in Magento

Inventory is mapped automatically on Nosto Magento Extension 2.10 and above.

Inventory in Shopify

Inventory is mapped automatically if Shopify handles product inventory.

Inventory in Prestashop

Inventory is mapped automatically on Nosto Prestashop Extension 2.8.0 and above.

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