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Create Add to Cart button To Your Recommendation templates
Create Add to Cart button To Your Recommendation templates
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Nosto doesn’t feature add-to-cart button in the recommendations out-of-the-box, yet there is a work-around for the functionality.

Especially in fashion products often have variables such as colour or size, which makes steering customer through product detail pages (PDPs) a necessity unless a quickview-window feature possibility to select product options.

If you’re selling products without multiple variants, you can leverage the functionality without limitations.

Including an “add-to-cart “or “Buy now” button and essentially featuring a possibility to add products to the shopping cart immediately from a recommendation element removes at least one click (customer activity) from the process, hence at least in theory is should improve the conversion rate.

The technical method which adds products to a cart when a customer clicks the add –to-cart -button is specific for each platform and therefore not covered by Nosto by default. However, if you know the platform’s functionalities you can include the button to Nosto’s recommendations quite easily.

Similarly to how to add product review ratings to your recommendations, map the method (typically a url parameter or entire url address) that adds the product to the shopping cart when clicked to any of the available tag-fields in the implementation.

After this step each product indexed by Nosto should feature the unique parameter (or url address) that adds the product to a shopping cart as a detail for each product.

The next step is quite obvious: Add a new recommendation template or edit an existing and simply output the value mapped into the tag-field in your template after the product url and visualize this link as an add-to-cart button.

As a last step, you need to add “a click listener” by applying a Nosto API call into the same template and button so that analytics displays you stats on purchases correctly when customers add products to the cart by clicking the button. The API call is described with an example here.

Now your recommendations should feature an add-to-cart button as a part of the recommendation allowing your customers to shop new items directly from a recommendation along with the standard link that directs them to PDPs.

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