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Top list and Trending Products Errors
Top list and Trending Products Errors
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In case a top list doesn’t show on category pages, start debugging by reviewing the following.


Review these steps in order by using debug-toolbar for 1, 2 and 3.

1: Review that you have a recommendation element on the category pages using the debug-toolbar and that it is enabled if you are live.

2: You have a Nosto category tag on category pages

3: Products belong to the category based on tagging on product pages (i.e. tagging of nosto_category and category is consistent.)

Products from multiple categories show up

First check that recommendation is set to include products from the current or a specific category. In case products are included from subcategories i.e. include subcategories settings is enabled, notice that the current category tagging should feature a character such as forward slash defining the end for the category mapping.

Otherwise if a current category tagging is for example:


it will also include products from categories

/Gardening tools/shovels

or basically from every category that starts with “/Garden”

Next, review that your filter settings for the recommendation slot are enabled and set as below, which will recommend products only from the same category.


If this didn’t solve the issue, review the product page’s implementation by enabling the Nosto debug-tool and check the data mapped and sent to Nosto. If product belongs to multiple categories like below, it will show up on each category as well.

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