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How to Customize and Test Pop-ups
How to Customize and Test Pop-ups
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Quick editor tools available in the creation wizard allow adjusting content in text fields, but in case you want to go on and design your own design, pop-up web-design can be fully customized by editing the Html code under advanced settings. (Please note that Nosto doesn’t cover support for custom web-design so in case you want to create a custom layout you need to utilize your in-house resources or a partner responsible for your site’s front-end development.)

The preview tool in the wizard allows you to preview how the pop-up will appear. When you want to go on and test the pop-up on the live site note that pop-up functionality is generally enabled by cookies. This means that the easiest way to preview the pop-up on the live site simulating a customer is to:

  • Clear your browser’s cache, not just browsing history

  • Or by using another browser that you use on daily basis in an incognito / private-browsing mode

Before starting debugging make sure that the pop-up is actually active (status is enabled) and coupon code pool is not depleted or expired if personalized coupons are used.

Triggering a new customer pop-up is easiest to simulate by enabling private-browsing as it by default doesn’t store any cookies, albeit this is dependent on how your browser is configured. Fundamentally an incognito browsing mode is always recommended to test pop-up behaviour as it then covers all use-cases as they would be served for any customer type.

A cart abandonment pop-up based on cart value and exit-intent requires matching the cart ruleset as configured under advanced settings in conjunction with leaving the site and simulating exit-intent by moving a mouse off from active browser area e.g. back-button or address-bar.

Advanced users can also read developer section under advanced settings advising how a pop-up can be enforced to display using browser console.

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