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Pop-up Ribbon FAQ
Pop-up Ribbon FAQ

Pop-up Ribbon and technical aspects

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Pop-up ribbon is a subtle ribbon offering the discount for users matching the configured ruleset even when a pop-up is minimized by clicking the X-icon in the pop-up lightbox / modal overlay.

While a ribbon is active it is counted as if the pop-up was constantly shown. That means, we would not show another pop-up on top of that. A user would have to click on the link to permanently close the pop-up, in order to be able to trigger a different pop-up. Alternatively, you can disable the ribbon in the previous (first) pop-up, which enables the X to permanently close the pop-up as well. Note that you should not remove the permanent close x-button as it would be generally poor user experience and likely skew up the analytics.

The ribbon will appear until a user has purchased something hence if you want to display the discount offer only once and in the overlay, proceed and hide the ribbon. Similarly to pop-up design itself a ribbon can also be customized by editing the Html code under advanced options.

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