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Email Unsubscription and Blacklisting
Email Unsubscription and Blacklisting
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By default, Nosto manages its own email blacklist and unsubscription meaning that customers who unsubscribe from your newsletters are not blacklisted from receiving Nosto’s triggered emails. However, emails such as abandoned cart emails are commonly received as service emails and not marketing and they should be dressed as such.

In case, you would like to synchronize your own email unsubscription or blacklist you may upload it periodically and manually under email blacklist menu. Automating the synchronization is also supported, but requests building a custom update process by leveraging Nosto’s email API. Consult Nosto support for documentation.

In case email blacklists are synchronized to Nosto via the API, the unsubscription link in Nosto’s triggered emails should point to your unsubscription url page. Effectively this means that when a user unsubscribes by clicking a link in Nosto’s email, a user is sent to your email unsubscription page and service, which is then synchronized to Nosto via API.

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