This tutorial walks you through how to connect your Nosto account with Facebook ad account.

Getting Started

Before connecting Nosto and Facebook, it’s a good idea to review that prerequisites to connect to Facebook and Facebook’s ad settings are in order. These are described in the manual here, while steps described to change the settings can be found here

In short, you need to manage your business Facebook Page, Ad Account and Facebook Pixel as an administrator. If Facebook’s advertising settings are not in order the connection wizard will safely cancel the process and prompt you to review a specific detail on Facebook before you’re able to proceed and connect.

Note that you need one ad account for every Nosto account you manage.

Also, if you connect Nosto to an existing ad account, make sure you remove the existing Facebook pixel from your site. Read more here.

When you navigate to the ads section, you will see a menu such as below which will prompt you to connect your Nosto account to Facebook. Click the ‘Connect’ button to start the process.

Video Tutorial

Log-in To Facebook

The first step asks you to Facebook. Log-in using your business manager’s Facebook credentials and send you to page permission settings.


Once you’ve logged in successfully, your user icon will appear in the wizard.

Connect Business Manager

Next, you need to add a business manager associated with your Facebook account. Business manager is Facebook’s user-role to manage business assets such as paid ads. You need to enable the role on Facebook. Note that you also have to administrate the ad account you are connecting to Nosto as an admin with the selected business manager.


Add Ad Account And Accept TOS

After connecting business manager, you need to select a Facebook ad account connected to Nosto. Nosto recommends using a new ad account for Nosto’s Facebook ads, as using the same account you might have for another ad campaign or tool will cause discrepancies in analytics and in overall campaign management. Read more about exceptions here

Since Nosto's ads leverage dynamic product ads product and website custom audiences, it is likely that you need to accept Facebook’s terms of service for custom audiences and other terms of services. The first link will redirect you to Facebook where the service agreement is accepted with Facebook and the second button confirms to Nosto you have read and accepted Facebook’s ToS.

Before accepting the service agreement on Facebook


After accepting the service agreement on Facebook

Connect Facebook Page

Connect your business Facebook page to Nosto. Your ads will be promoted using your company details.

Add Payment Method

As the last step before reviewing settings, add your payment details to Facebook. This is optional when connecting your settings and you can skip this step in case you don’t have immediate access to businesses credit card or payment details, but you need to add the details later on Facebook itself under ad account settings. In short, you can’t launch any campaigns before adding your payment method.

Review and Connect

Last step, review that all settings look good to you and click to connect.

In case you see following dialogue, everything in set and Nosto is connected to your Facebook ad account. In next few minutes up to few hours Nosto will create your product ads and you’re ready to create your first campaigns.

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