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Before connecting your Nosto account to Facebook, some Facebook’s advertising features need to be enabled and configured accordingly. First and foremost you need to:

  • Enable Business Manager on Facebook

  • As a business manager you need to manage your Facebook page as an administrator

  • Need to have and administrate Facebook ad account as an administrator

  • Need to have a separate ad account for Nosto Facebook ads.


Creating a Business Manager

The person connecting Nosto and business’ Facebook account need to be named as a Business Manager for your Facebook page. When you’re logged into Facebook with your business user’s credentials and go to address https://business.facebook.com/ and land on a view such as below, you need to enable the business manager feature and control your Facebook page as a business manager first before you’re able to proceed. In case you already have activated business manager, jump to the next chapter: Creating Ad Account.

Once the business manager feature has been successfully enabled or if you are already a business manager for your business Facebook page you will land on a home view similar to the one below, easily distinguishable from the regular Facebook power editor view.

Creating Ad Account

Facebook hosts all Facebook ad features including Nosto’s, under a business feature called an ad account. If you’re new to Facebook ads in general you need to create a new ad account to get started. In the event you already have an ad account, we kindly ask you to create a separate ad account for Nosto. In case you do use the same ad account for Nosto and other Facebook ads, there's a risk that Facebook is unable to track conversions accordingly if you don't remove the existing pixel from the site first. Read more here.

A new ad account is created on https://business.facebook.com > Settings > Ad Accounts by clicking ‘Add New Ad Account’. In the example screenshot from business manager below, one Ad Account already exists so in the tutorial we proceed by creating a new one.

Select ‘Add’ from the top right corner in the column of listed ad accounts and choose ‘Create a new ad account’.

Note that if you’re not new to Facebook ads, you can also claim an ad account or if you’re an agency representative, request an access to another business’s ad accounts. This tutorial only covers creating a new account.

Name the new ad account descriptively and specify ad account’s time and currency settings.

 Invite possible other users who should be able to manage the ad account on Facebook or ‘Skip’ this step.

Review that you have assigned yourself as an ad account admin as only a user controlling your ad account as an admin can connect your newly created ad account to Nosto.

As the last step, make sure that you have added an appropriate payment method for the account by clicking View Payment Options. If the ad account is not associated yet with a payment method, add your payment details in the next screen.

Since views on Facebook might change time to time, please refer to Facebook’s support center for up to date advise as Nosto can’t access these settings on your Facebook account.


Accept Facebook Terms of Services

Facebook requires you to accept their Terms of Services regarding Custom Audiences for each ad account separately. Approving Facebook’s TOS is a requirement to use Nosto’s Facebook ads and to connect your Nosto account with Facebook Advert account.

Proceed by logging into your Facebook by using your business manager’s account credentials and follow the link to the TOS page. Once successfully logged in Facebook, select the correct ad account from the list which is used for Nosto’s ads. An example of ad account menu below.

Next, read, review and accept the TOS, an example below.


Similarly to Custom Audiences, approve that Facebook can track conversions from your site. Once you have logged in to Facebook you can read, review and accept the TOS here. Select the appropriate Facebook ad account from the left-hand dropdown menu and click accept. If you only have one ad account, it is the one in the list: An example screenshot of ToS below. Once the ToS has been accepted, you are ready to proceed and can connect your Nosto account to Facebook.

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