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Getting Started With Coupon Codes
Getting Started With Coupon Codes

How to add voucher/coupon pools to the Nosto backend

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Nosto  supports personal coupon codes in triggered emails and pop-up features. This is how they work!

Nosto doesn’t add or create the coupon codes for you, meaning that your platform needs to support the feature in the checkout. Start by creating a pool of campaign codes in your e-commerce solution and remember to activate codes as nothing is more annoying for your customers than an inactive or an erroneous coupon code.

Coupon Code Format

Numbers 0-9, letters a-z, A-Z and dash (- + _ ! @ ?) are supported. Maximum length for the coupon is 32 characters.

How Many Coupons

This is simply based on how many emails you send. To reduce the guesswork, go to the Nosto Analytics menu and review how many emails you have sent during the past month.

As coupons themselves are free, it’s a good idea to add some overhead and create at least double the number of coupons compared to the number of emails you sent the previous month. In case your business is seasonal, note that during and after a peak month you might dispatch more emails than during a regular sales month.

Don’t worry, we will notify you if the pool is about to run out of codes and when the pool is about to expire and once depleted, the coupon segment in emails is automatically removed when using Nosto’s default email templates.

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