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How Do You Collect Email Addresses?
How Do You Collect Email Addresses?

Customer email collection process

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If a customer is registered and logged in to an online store, leaves an email through a Nosto populated pop-up or finishes a visit with a purchase, an e-mail-address is recorded automatically which enables the possibility to send personalised and dynamic e-mail to a customer. Unidentified visitors or customers whom have not purchased anything naturally won’t receive such e-mail.

An email address can also be mapped to Nosto from site’s own newsletter subscription field by applying Nosto customer tagging specifically on the page where a successful subscription is communicated for the customer.

E-mail addresses and related order data are collected only if Nosto is implemented properly on order and log-in pages. If you are having issues with sending triggered emails and suspect that e-mail addresses are not collected properly, review tagging on order confirmation-page and in customer log-in with Nosto debug tool. 

Nosto doesn’t support importing e-mail register, since we can’t link an exported e-mail address to visit data nor to previous purchases from your store. Further, mapping email addresses to Nosto is optional and only used to enable Nosto email features. As a merchant and user of Nosto you may leave the email and name fields empty in Nosto tagging.

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