Advertising on Instagram requires an Instagram account, which is connected to your regular Facebook ad account under business manager settings. If you don’t have an Instagram account with followers for your business, you can also proceed without creating one, as Facebook supports “Shadow Instagram account” for advertising. A shadow account is associated to your Facebook business page so essentially you’re using your business and brand also on Instagram, without the need to be active on Instagram itself as a business. However you can take advantage and sell products on Instagram, generate direct sales for your business.  

Manage Apps Permission

Connecting Instagram to your Nosto account requires manage apps permissions for your Facebook Page. Read separate entry about manage apps permissions here.

Connecting Facebook Ad Assets to Nosto

When you connect your Nosto account to Facebook the first time, one of the steps in the wizard asks you to associate your Instagram account. You can skip this step, but we encourage you to connect already at this phase, so that you are immediately ready to launch campaigns also on Instagram.

Connecting Existing Nosto Account To Existing Instagram Account

In case you have already connected Nosto account to Facebook and have ongoing campaigns, you also need to connect Instagram account to Nosto and to your Facebook ad account under the Facebook settings view in the menu. If the Facebook Settings Menu is not visible, you need to add manage app permission to Nosto first as described here.

Depending on your Facebook business manager settings, you might have already connected Instagram account to your ad assets on Facebook. Instagram account(s) associated are visible in the dropdown menu so select the correct one and click update, which will connect the selected Instagram account to Nosto.

If the list is empty or the correct Instagram account is not available in the list, choose connect Instagram account to your business manager (orange rectangle, above) or Create a new Page Backed Instagram Account, if you want to create a new one.

Both options will open up your Facebook Business Manager where you can either claim an existing Instagram account by logging in using Instagram credentials and following the steps required by Facebook or create a new page backed Instagram account for your ads.

Once an Instagram account has been successfully connected it can’t be changed without contacting Nosto’s support. Tools and support to change accounts from the Nosto menu will be added later.

Selecting Publisher Platform

Once Instagram account has been connected, you can choose it as a publisher platform when you create an ad campaign. When selected, your ads are also shown to Instagram users.

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