Nosto is adding support for new Facebook ad features including Instagram ads in 2017. In order to enable these we need to ask you to accept necessary permissions. Accepting manage_pages permission controls how Nosto can operate and provide Facebook ad service to you. Essentially it’s needed to link your existing Instagram profile to your Nosto account or create “a shadow Instagram profile” later, should you want to advertise in Instagram.

Note that you need to be an administrator of following Facebook ad assets in order to approve Nosto’s app

  • Business Manager
  • Ad Account
  • Facebook Pixel (associated with your ad account)
  • Facebook Page

Adding permissions requires logging into Facebook after clicking the button in Nosto’s admin and is described with screenshots here. We’ve also added an FAQ regarding the topic to the bottom.


Manage Apps FAQ

OK, so when are you releasing Instagram ads?

  • Soon :) If you’re interested and want to be one of the first who get an access, send our support a message: “I’m interested in Instagram ads, please send me a message when this is available” and we’ll ping you once we’ve finished with all necessary technical legwork.

Who can approve and allow access? (the system throws me an error)

  • Only your Facebook ad account’s admin. If you don’t have admin-level access to your Facebook ad account, the system will show you an error-message, which is harmless but you can’t proceed.

Hold on, so if I approve can Nosto then publish posts on my Facebook business page without me knowing? Why are you asking me to do this?

  • No. This is not technically possible as our integration app doesn’t have publish_pages access to your Facebook business page. See technical reference here. Manage_pages is required technical access-level to associate your Facebook page and Instagram profile with each other.

If I accept and allow required additional permissions, will this enable Instagram support?

  • Not yet. This is done in order to make your Facebook ad assets and Nosto ready for Instagram release taking place later this year (Soon. Very soon). However, in order to enable Instagram support, accepting permissions is required.

I am not interested advertising in Instagram, why should I care?

  • We expect our integration application to work with certain permissions so it’s recommended to approve access level as it guarantees that the integration works flawlessly now and in the future.

So if I accept, are my ads automatically displayed in Instagram?

  • No. You have full control where and when ads are shown when you create ad campaigns. Adding permissions won’t affect to any of the ongoing campaigns either.

I don’t have Instagram business profile. What should I do?

  • You actually don’t necessarily need to create one in order to advertise in Instagram. Later when Nosto Instagram ads are released, should you want to advertise in Instagram, one will be created for you.

I already have an Instagram profile that I want to use for Instagram ads.

  • That’s great! Once we release the feature addition, we’ll expose a wizard in our user interface which’ll allow you to connect Nosto to your existing Instagram profile. Accepting new permissions simply allows us to read what Instagram profile you have linked to your Facebook page so that we can enable the wizard, allow you to link accounts together and then enable Instagram advertising features through Nosto.
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