In case a connection between Facebook and Nosto has been terminated it is most likely caused by changes in your Facebook ad asset settings. Most common reasons and ways to fix are explained in this article.

All Facebook ad assets are managed by a user titled as the Business Manager (BM). Essentially a business manager is a business user role on Facebook, but the service can be accessed with same credentials users access their personal accounts. Read more about business manager here.

Each BM has a unique business manager ID. When a connection between Facebook and Nosto is established a business manager who controls your Facebook Company Page and Ad Account as an administrator needs to connect Nosto and Facebook using the wizard in the Nosto admin.

Typical reasons

  1. If Business Manager access to your Facebook Page, Ad Account or to Facebook tracking pixel is removed or revoked, for example if your business manager leaves the company, and connection between your ad account and BM is revoked, it also terminates the connection between Nosto and Facebook, meaning that you can’t control or create ad campaigns using Nosto’s admin anymore. 
  2. In addition, if a BM user changes their password it also might revoke the access to create campaigns using Nosto’s interface and tools.
  3. If the Business Manager's access-level to your ad account or Facebook is changed e.g. downgraded to an analyst, it also revokes the connection.

Regardless of the situation, the only way to re-establish the connection is to re-connect Nosto to your Facebook ad assets by a person who is a business manager and can control your Facebook Page, Facebook Pixel and Facebook Ad Account as an administrator.

Remember that you can always pause or stop campaigns also in your Facebook Ads Manager, but you shouldn’t adjust ongoing campaigns there as these become independent from Nosto and other critical services might become unavailable.

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