Account status Unsettled means that your Facebook ad account is unsettled. Typically this is caused by expired or unapproved billing method on Facebook. Other common issue is if you have recently removed or changed the ad account administrator who has connected your ad account to Nosto. In such event, you need to disconnect and reconnect your ad account from Nosto by going to Settings > Integrations > Facebook > Manage > Disconnect. However, billing related issues are more common so review first that for example your credit card is not expired and that it has balance left.

Occasionally if ads featured content violating Facebook’s ad policy e.g. pornographic content, guns & ammo, drugs or similar. You can review and configure the settings under Facebook’s business pages. In case your store sells for example lingerie wore by sexually suggestive models or items where explicit content might be highlighted, your ads might be banned. Read Facebook’s ad policy and guidelines for further details.

With Nosto, you can exclude these products from the automatic feed by using Nosto's product blacklist

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