In this article we explore most common reasons why ads don’t get any impressions.

Common Issues With All Campaign Types

Audience Size: Targeting New Customers

Review that the audience isn’t too small. While targeting just few hundreds of Facebook users might sound attractive, it makes sense to keep the new customer audience reasonable in size as your ads won’t be shown to everyone in the theoretical audience anyway.

Audience Size: Retargeting Visitors And Cart Abandoners

In re-targeting campaigns the overall website traffic is crucial as it feeds these target audiences. Visitors being the theoretical target audience for visitor re-targeting and cart abandoners for the cart abandonment campaign respectively.

In case you have just 1000 visitors to your site, according to global site average, your visitor re-targeting audience is just 600-700 users a day. Assuming that 5% of those visitors add something to the shopping cart your cart re-targeting might be just 30-40 users a day. 

Consequently if you target visitors up to three days and cart abandoners up to a week, your audiences would be roughly 2000 for visitor retargeting and merely 200-300 for cart re-targeting. 

Following the same figures, if your overall conversion rate is 2% your customer re-targeting audience increases just 10-15 per a day.

Maximum Bid Too Small

By enabling Facebook ad campaign, your ads participate automatically in ad auction operated and managed by Facebook. If maximum bid is very small, your ad might not win any of the auctions consequently meaning your ad won’t win any impressions. Region, audience, seasonality and many other aspects affect the bid prices so adjust the bid accordingly to win impressions. Read more about bidding guidelines here.

Removed Tracking Pixels or Implementation Not Solid

First of all, Nosto’s implementation needs to be solid in order to Facebook campaigns to work. If you’re using other Nosto features and recently started with Facebook ads, this is most likely is not the case, but if you’re new to Nosto it’s recommended to review that the tracking script executes normally and tagging is in place. This is easiest to do by using the debug-tool.

In addition, there might be a problem with our Facebook tracking pixels. Use Facebook’s Pixel Helper browser extension to review that the tracking pixels are loaded normally and without errors.

Campaign Paused on Facebook

Ad campaign settings made under Facebook ad management using business manager effectively override settings done in Nosto’s admin. It’s worth a while to review that the campaigns aren’t paused or removed there as this causes unexpected behaviour and errors. If for any given reason ad campaign has been paused under Facebook’s own ad management, the safest way to proceed is to pause campaigns on both admin panels and simply to create a new one in Nosto’s admin.

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