If a country doesn’t appear on the list, you might not have enough traffic from all the countries which you would like to target with your ads.

Lookalike audiences allow you to target more people who look like your current customer base. A lookalike audience uses several kinds datapoints as a “seed” and an audience for your ads is built of similar users. Lookalike audiences are used to targeting people who are similar to sets of customers that buy currently from your online store.

Nosto uses primarily recent buyers as a seed for the lookalike, but if there isn’t enough users in that group we use users who added something to their shopping cart to supplement the required quota of users. At this point you can’t create custom lookalike audiences through Nosto.

Lookalike is an advanced targeting option by Facebook and requires a reasonable amount of data before it becomes available and effective. One attribute which Facebook uses to build the audience is the country of origin, which consequently means Nosto needs to track enough shoppers from each country before the campaign type becomes available in that region.

For example, if vast majority of your shoppers come from the US, Canada and UK, but only a tiny fraction from Mexico, lookalike audience targeting might not be available for Mexico. For now, Nosto requires at least 100 unique visitors from each country before the country becomes available as a targeting option.

Consequently this means that Lookalike Audience becomes available only after Nosto has monitored at least 100 visitors and sent the data to Facebook to build the audience. Typically Facebook creates the audience swiftly, but it might occasionally take a few hours before the audience is ready. Therefore, if your site receives very little traffic, it might take some time before the campaign type becomes available.


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