Learn benefits and key use cases of Search Analytics

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Search Analytics lets you know what your users search, how they behave in search, and general metrics to feel the pulse of the value coming from Nosto’s Search.

Key metrics to keep an eye on and their benefits:

  1. Most popular search queries, which are by default seen in the Search Terms table. This is an excellent voice of users to learn what they are most interested in when coming to a website;

  2. High Click-through rate (CTR) queries to see which performs the best and learn from them: maybe a good merchandising strategy helps, or maybe there is a good product selection. This could be seen by clicking on Click-through rate, which will sort results from the highest or the lowest.

  3. Low CTR queries to learn where you need to improve on - maybe some search queries display irrelevant results, maybe merchandising needs to be improved or maybe product offering on those search terms is not optimal.

  4. No Results Search Terms (a window below All Search Terms) - to learn what also needs merchant's attention. Most probably, you either don’t sell those products, some data is missing in your products, so we don’t match those keywords, or something else.

We recommend merchants have a monthly routine to go through these and improve search based on that. Remember that many relevance challenges can be easily tackled by improving Searchable Fields or with merchandising rules targeting specific or all search queries.

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