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How does the Assisted Suggest work?
How does the Assisted Suggest work?
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The Assisted Suggest overlay is the ideal complement to the regular Findologic search.

From the first click in the search field, products and search suggestions are displayed for your users in the Assisted Suggest overlay.

Below you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about Assisted Suggest:

  • Which suggestions will the user see on the first click in the search field?

    The suggestions displayed are generated from the most frequently searched search terms in your shop over the last 30 days. You can also display certain Products of categories or manufacturers individually on the first click.

  • Which products will the user see on the first click in the search field?

    The best-selling products from your shop are displayed here by default. You can also use the feed to individually define products to be displayed to users when they first click. The best way to do this is to use a special property that specifies the products. More information can be found here (XML export) and here (CSV export).

  • Can the Assisted Suggest be designed individually?

    Yes. You can adjust the appearance of the Assisted Suggest directly in the account.

  • Which merchandising features apply in the Assisted Suggest?

    All the merchandising features that you have activated for the product listing also apply in the Assisted Suggest.

  • What term is used to complete the characters entered?

    The best text search suggestion is always used to complete the characters entered. This is always the first suggested search term.

  • What information is used to calculate the search suggestions?

    The name field, which is usually used for the product title, serves as the basic information for calculating the search suggestions. The more often a term occurs, the more important this term is considered. Numbers and units of measurement are ignored by our system. The information from the keywords field is also included.

  • Are synonyms also used for the search suggestions?

    Yes. An exception are synonyms that are very similar to the original words, as this might be confusing for the user.

  • How is the ranking of the products in the Assisted Suggest calculated?

    The order of the products in the Assisted Suggest corresponds exactly to that in the product listing after submitting the search. This guarantees a consistent product listing between preview and regular search. Information on the weighting of the fields for the search can be found here.

  • Can I track clicks in the Assisted Suggest?

    Yes. You can track the following events in the Assisted Suggest:

    • Search sent

    • Click on "Show all results"

    • Click on a product

    • "Enter" pressed

    • Click on a keyword / category / manufacturer suggestion

    • You can also find more information about the tracking options in our documentation.

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