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How does Findologic search for item numbers?
How does Findologic search for item numbers?
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FINDOLOGIC uses an input-tolerant search when searching for item numbers (this also finds "1.2.3" and "1-2-3" for "123"). In the regular search, an error-tolerant search is used (this would also find "124" and "12" if "123" were entered).

If an item number is searched for and this is found exactly with an item, then – by default – only this item is output.

If the item number is NOT found exactly (incomplete input, typo, ...), the error-tolerant search covering all fields of the products becomes active (=regular search). It cannot be clearly distinguished here whether, for example in a search for "100", a partial item number or a dimension specification such as: "100mm” is searched for. In this example, a search is then carried out in all fields for all products according to the term "100". This can result in a search result that is not related to the item number search.

In contrast, separators, hyphens, dots, etc. are automatically recognised by the search. This is referred to as input tolerance.


The item number "abc123" is found correctly for each of the following entries:

"abc 123"





However, a further error tolerance is not useful for item numbers. This would find too many different variants of a number, leading to confusing results with item numbers.


For example, "12345" would be found for the input of "1234".

For example, "1235" would be found for the input of "1234".

So e.g. for the input of "abc-123”, "123-abc" would also be found.

For example, if "abc-123" were entered, "abc-1234” would also be found.

However, if it is desired that several items are found in an exact match, this can be adapted by technical support.

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