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How do I connect the Findologic customer account with Google Analytics?
How do I connect the Findologic customer account with Google Analytics?
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You have the possibility to track the Findologic search with Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager. In the following, you will find a short guide on how to connect your Findologic customer account to Google Analytics. For the implementation of Google Analytics, please use the instructions of Google.

  1. Please select the Data view column in your Google Analytics account and click Data view settings.

  2. Make sure that Site Search Tracking is enabled using the appropriate slider.

  3. In the Search parameters field, enter the name of the search field from your online store. To find this, right-click the search field of your online shop. The value assigned to the parameter name is the value you are looking for.

  4. Save the settings you have made.

  5. Now switch to the E-commerce settings area in the data view column.

  6. Make sure that the activate E-commerce option is activated here.

  7. In order to give our account managers the opportunity to analyse and improve the search queries from your shop, it is absolutely necessary that you allow read access.

  8. To do so, click the user management area in the Property

  9. Add here and select Read & Analyse as the type of access right.

  10. After these steps, your Google Analytics account should be configured and you can now connect to your Findologic customer account.

  11. Now open your Findologic customer account and click the E-Commerce link in the tab Reports.

  12. Click here on the Access Google Analytics button and confirm access for Findologic-Tracking.

  13. To complete the setup, please select the Google Analytics view that you want to connect to your Findologic customer account.

Important: If you receive the error message "Attention: The site search function in your Google Analytics account has not been configured correctly", the reason for this error message does not necessarily have to be an incorrect implementation. The reason for this may also be that no data is available yet. Make sure that a current period has been selected to avoid this error.

Under this link, you will find our English documentation on this topic, which also contains numerous screenshots.

If you still have problems connecting to Google Analytics after correctly following the above steps, please contact our technical support at

To use the Google Tag Manager as well, please read the FAQ article How do I use the Google Tag Manager in conjunction with Findologic tracking?

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