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What are Synonyms?

The Synonyms feature allows you to optimise the search function from a semantic point view by adding synonym groups.

Best Practices

  • Create Synonyms to assist your visitors in finding products on your site faster and in their own language (e.g. "caps" <-> "hats", "pants <-> "jeans" or "phone" <-> "mobile").

  • Do not use Synonyms to cover plural/singular or mistypes. The error-tolerant search algorithms will automatically take care of these and deliver matching results.

  • Synonyms can be used either in 1-way or 2-way type.

    • 1-way: The word on the right side is added as a synonym to the word on the left side, but not vice versa.

    • 2-way: The words on both sides are added as synonyms.

  • You can add multiple words for one synonym group.

  • Check the Generative Synonyms tab to add AI generated synonym suggestions to your existing synonyms list.

Generative Synonyms

With Generative Synonyms we provide you additionally with AI generated synonym suggestions - you can easily check the list of suggested synonyms, decide which ones to keep and add them to the existing synonym list with a few clicks.

The suggestions are made based on behavioural data processed by Nosto's AI and additionally filtered by ChatGPT to provide the most relevant synonym suggestions. Please note that you have to enable the ChatGPT consent on the Data controls area to be able to use this feature.

The suggestions are being updated on a weekly base. If there's not enough significant data, it might also take longer until suggestion are being generated.

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