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Revamped user interface: what's changing? (UGC admin portal)
Revamped user interface: what's changing? (UGC admin portal)
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After successful years in 2022 and 2023 at Nosto, during which we acquired three tech solutions, it is now time to evolve our brand identity to reflect our growth and streamline our user interface for an improved experience for all users.

In addition to visual changes, the user interface will feature more intuitive navigation and introduce new product names, aligning more closely with their purposes and anticipating future evolutions.

We understand that changes can take some time to get used to, but no worries—we've got you covered with this article. Keep reading to discover what’s changing in the Nosto platform’s user interface.

Locate your favorite features in the new interface

Moving away from the current Discover, Engage, and Curate menu, these features are now grouped under three main sections: UGC Monitoring, UGC Publisher Center, and Ambassador Builder.

Let's delve into these new sections and explore the features they encompass.

UGC Monitoring

This is the place where you aggregate and moderate your user-generated content.

Features within UGC Monitoring

  • Discovery (formerly Discover)
    This is where you’ll discover content from over 25 social networks and create your custom tiles.

  • Curation (formerly Curate)
    In the curation feature, you can moderate content including rights management requests and you’ll also be able to create filters & views, and manage tags.

UGC Publisher Center

This is your hub to manage and publish user-generated content across digital touchpoints.

Features within UGC Publisher Center

  • Touchpoints, including widgets, screens, emails, and ads

  • Assets Manager

Important note:

The Chrome extension, which allows you to connect Nosto to Chrome for quick and easy actions with UGC directly from your browser, now features the updated logo.

Ambassador Builder

This is your space to find, engage, and reward your best brand advocates.

Features within Ambassador Builder:

  • Direct Uploader

    Here, you can create forms to capture content directly from your customers, including those without social media accounts.

  • Advocates

    This includes a creative briefs feature to invite your advocates to partake in creative briefs for different content campaigns.

Other features & settings


You can access all your dashboards and reports from the Analytics tab, which has been moved to the top of the menu.

Other section

UGC Tools

In the "Other" section under UGC Tools, you'll find developer tools, data templates, and automation rules.

UGC Settings

Under “Other” within UGC Settings, you'll find rights management settings, user management, and more.

UGC Integrations

This is your former plugin section, which has been renamed UGC Integrations.

User Menu

Under the User Menu, you will find links to useful resources such as the UGC documentation, the help center, the Nosto Academy, service status, etc. This is also here that you’ll be able to sign out.

Walkthrough video

We hope you enjoy the enhanced platform. If you need further assistance or would like a demo of products not included in your subscription, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team.

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