The basic idea of this customization often referred as proxy recommendations is that you implement a custom endpoint to your e-commerce platform that would return the product prices for given product identifier set as json. Price field in Nosto recommendations would be empty when the recommendations load. After the recommendations have been loaded you would need to make an ajax request to you custom endpoint and populate the prices in the recommendations with javascript (jQuery or something similar comes in handy). 

Please note that the downside for this customization is that you are not able to use the prices provided your custom endpoint in emails or in recommendation filters.   

Step-by-step example

In this example the endpoint is located in

Step 1 - implement custom endpointImplementing a custom endpoint depends on your e-commerce platform but the logic of this endpoint is rather simple. Take product identifiers as a parameter, fetch the product prices from your e-commerce platform and return the prices as json.
Here's an example how you could add this kind of endpoint for Magento 1.

Step 2 - modify the recommendation templateLogin to Nosto admin and locate the recommendation template you want to edit or create a new one by copying existing template. First thing is to introduce a variable (array) where to store the product identifiers (see image below).

 Next remove the price output, give id for the price html element and save the product identifier into $productIds array (see image below)

Step 3 - add ajax call and place the pricesFinal step is to make the ajax call against the custom endpoint and place the prices for the recommendations (see image below) 

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