What is an Incubator Plan?

Built by retailers, Nosto has been democratizing access to cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology since the very beginning of the company. Enabling the benefits of personalization for up-and-coming digital commerce and retail stars, the Incubator Plan is a way for Nosto to give back to its community. Specifically, granting smaller but ambitious merchants who are not yet able to afford Nosto’s full AI-powered Personalization Platform, access to powerful functionality for a lower price point. 

Who is the Incubator Plan aimed at?

The primary candidates are online retailers with strong growth targets but less than €1M in annual online revenue. The Incubator Plan is ideal for companies that need a platform that can scale and support their journey to €100M+ and more - without needing to change the platform along the way.

How does the Incubator Plan work?

By default, the Incubator Plan grants access to Nosto’s Onsite Product Recommendations for €99 per month (or $99 / month for US-based merchants) and includes €/$20,000 of online revenue per month, referring to all sales generated online (with or without Nosto). Any sales above €/$20,000 has a 0.5% variable fee. Adding more products, such as Onsite Pop-ups or Facebook & Instagram Ads has a fixed cost of €99 per product. 

Example 1) A merchant has online sales of €15,000 during January. They only use Onsite Product Recommendations, which generated them €2,500 in sales.

> The monthly fee is €99, since the threshold of €20k was not surpassed (€15k). 

Example 2) A merchant has online sales of €30,000 during March and makes use of Onsite Product Recommendations and Personalized Emails.

> The monthly fee is €248 (= €99 + 0.5% x €10k + €99)

Which services are included in the Incubator Plan?

While Incubator customers do not have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (that requires at least a Plus plan), they are part of the Nosto Community and have a responsive support team and world-class resources supporting their success. 

How do you get started with Incubator Plan?

Available on most popular ecommerce platforms, you can sign up to an Incubator Plan during the plugin account creation process. In case you don’t have in-house design resources or an agency to match the Nosto templates to the look-and-feel of your site, please reach out to us at partnershipsteam@nosto.com and we’ll help you find a suitable partner within your region. 

In case you have further questions about the Incubator Plan, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@nosto.com.

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