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User Identification for Nosto Email Widgets
User Identification for Nosto Email Widgets

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If you want to use a Nosto Email Widget in one of your email campaigns, you need to have Nosto successfully implemented on your store through manual tagging or through one of our Platform Plugins.

In Nosto Email Widgets, content served is dynamic for each recipient of your email campaigns and email addresses are used to identify users. If a recipient has visited at least one product page on your site while being logged-in before receiving an email containing an Email Widget, Nosto is able to serve personalized product recommendations to this user via for example Browsing History, Personalized Recommendations and Browsing History Related. If a recipient has bought something on your store, Nosto is able to serve Order Related Recommendations to that user.

When you send emails from your Email Service Provider to a given list of emails, there will be recipients without any browsing history or who are simply unknown to Nosto. These users can’t be served with personalized product recommendations like Browsing History for example but are instead targeted with Best Sellers products of your store (following the Most bought products in the past 7 days mode). See Fallbacks article here.

From a technical perspective, Nosto tracks logged in users when they log in to your store through the customer information tag. If you want to track more users and maximise the value of your email lists, read our dedicated guide here.

Tip: you can use the Nosto Debug Toolbar to validate that customer information is correctly sent to Nosto. When a logged-in user is correctly identified, it’s represented as such in the Debug Toolbar:

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