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Revenue generated through Nosto mismatch
Revenue generated through Nosto mismatch

Revenue attribution

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In your Nosto Admin Panel, you can observe the revenue generated via the different Nosto products via the product specific analytics panels and the main Analytics section. These sections display the revenue generated through all Nosto products.

In Settings, under the Billing section, you will however only see the revenue attributed to Nosto, following Nosto attribution logic.

We have indeed grouped our products together so that when a visitor interacts with both products in one group, only the sale generated by the product that was most recently interacted with is counted towards the Nosto fee. Therefore, it always makes sense to adopt an entire group:

1. Onsite Pop-ups & Onsite Product Recommendations
2. Facebook & Instagram Ads
3. Triggered Emails & Email Widgets

Find more information on Nosto pricing here.

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