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API Token missing / invalid. How to reconnect?

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In case you see a warning such as below in Nosto’s admin panel, it indicates that an API token required for real-time product updates between your e-commerce system and Nosto has been revoked. In this article we cover most likely reason for this and how to fix the issue

Common Reasons

In order to develop and build Nosto on a test/staging environment, we require using a free, sandboxed Nosto test account for the purpose. Tokens are revoked if following event-stream occurs

  1. Nosto is developed first on a test/staging environment using an account intended for live environment

  2. Code from test/staging environment is deployed to production, but before this a connection between Nosto and staging environment is not disconnected

  3. Production site is re-connected to the same Nosto account, while connection still exists between staging and Nosto

  4. Nosto is disconnected from staging

  5. Disconnection removes the API token from Nosto, disabling use of Nosto’s API from both staging and production environments as it was simultaneously connected to staging and production.

Implication of the Issue

Regardless of the reason, we strongly encourage to fix the issue by disconnecting and re-connecting Nosto as without working integration and token, Nosto doesn’t receive real-time product status updates, which might lead to recommend items with wrong details or sold out / removed products.

Re-connecting in Magento

First remove Nosto from production from the broken store-view, but be aware that this’ll disable all Nosto features until you re-establish connection again.

Re-connect to the same account using connect with existing account-option.

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