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Facebook Advertisement Policy
Facebook Advertisement Policy

What do you need to know about the policy, products and violations

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Every Facebook ad is subject to review process by Facebook, which takes place before an ad is actively shown to users. In addition, ads can also be reviewed retrospectively, post-launch. In e-commerce, it's imperative to understand what type of products can be advertised on Facebook, which ranges are restricted and which ones prohibited without forgetting violations and recovery.

Product catalog tools provided by Nosto integration help you to prevent possible violations by reviewing and excluding violating products, but as violations can be caused by other factors, such as other creative itself, it is important to understand also the overall practice by Facebook.

Product Ranges

If you have any of following prohibited product ranges in your inventory, there is a chance that these are automatically shown in your ads unless you exclude these product ranges from your ads separately.

Prohibited Content

  • Drugs, drug-related products, tobacco products including e-cigarettes and unsafe supplements

  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives, including fireworks

  • Adult content 

  • Illegal products

As a recommended read, you can find full advertising policy here.

Restricted Content

  • Alcohol: Allowed when applicable with local laws. In practice safer to target people only 25 and above as legal drinking age or alcohol advertisement legislation vary country to country. Some countries, states or regions don’t allow alcohol advertising at all hence exclude these countries from target areas. 

  • Supplements: Ads that promote acceptable dietary and herbal supplements may only target people who are at least 18 years of age.

Full restricted content ad policy here.

Other important remarks

  • Advertising lingerie, beachwear and underwear is allowed, and many of our clients advertise these product ranges with success. However, if your product photography implies nudity or is otherwise sexually suggestive or even provocative, we recommend to exclude these products or categories from ads as these can be flagged as adult content. 

  • Knives and axes are treated as weapons, and even kitchen knives can in practice fall into this category. 

  • In addition, your ad creative can’t be misleading. For example, if you are not the cheapest or only place where to buy a particular brand or a product, you can’t imply this in your ad creative.

  • Counterfeit products are not allowed

  • Before and after photography is not allowed.

  • If you’re an outlet business and all products are heavily discounted e.g. -30% -80%, please consult our support before creating an ad. Advertising discounted products is allowed, but too good to be true-deals can be flagged as misleading. This can occur if all your products are discounted. 

In case you advertise prohibited or restricted content, your ads can be either disqualified, while repeated and presumptuous offences can lead to temporarily or permanent ban from advertising on Facebook. To keep your ads running and to avoid any unwanted surprises, please review that your products are compatible with Facebook’s advertising policy  and exclude inappropriate products and product ranges from ads.

Including and excluding products takes place in the integration dashboard and you can also blacklist products permanently from all Nosto features by navigating to Tools > Products > Product Blacklist.

In case your ad got disapproved, please use this form to appeal the decision.

Should your ad account or other business assets become entirely unavailable, please reach out to Nosto's support. 

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