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MailChimp Connector

Learn how to export emails to Mailchimp from Nosto and how to import email lists and segments from Mailchimp

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Exporting Emails

Nosto Mailchimp connector helps you to keep your email lists in sync by enabling an automated export of emails from Nosto to Mailchimp covering emails that you have collected using Nosto pop-ups. Emails are added to the Mailchimp email list of your preference. 

A sync can be daily (at 23:07 UTC), weekly or conducted only once. First continuous and automated sync sends all emails received through the pop-up.

Export tool is in the admin under Tools > Emails > Email Export > [Mailchimp]

When selecting the destination email list for your email export, you can optionally define field where you can store predefined value like "Nosto" so that you can track the source of the email. Please take into consideration legal requirements for marketing consent before using new, acquired contacts.

Importing Emails

Imported emails create a custom audience for Nosto Facebook and Instagram Ads. This enables for instance a possibility to target your entire email list on Facebook simultaneously when you send out your regular newsletter in order to maximise the impact. 

Importing emails from your ESP or CRM to personalize Nosto email features is not supported. Learn more about the limitation here

Import-tool can be found when creating a custom ad campaign.

Video tutorial

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