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Marketing Permission Tagging

In context of GDPR: How Nosto Manages Direct Marketing Permission And Consent For Email Marketing

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As a part of how Nosto complying to new regulatory environment in the EU (GDPR) and how direct marketing permission and consent is acquired, Nosto supports direct marketing permission as a separate flag and part of Nosto Html markup: Nosto tagging. 

The new marketing_permission flag denotes whether the customer has consented to email marketing. If the marketing_permission field is omitted, we assume that the current customer has not given their consent and Nosto will refrain from sending out any personalized triggered emails.

Marketing permission is false by default but if a user has explicitly agreed to receive marketing then you can set it to true manually. In practice this means reading and mapping the value from opt-in for marketing in your platform e.g. a consumer explicitly subscribed for marketing emails when checking out.

The marketing_permission should be included as a part of the customer tagging and should be rendered on all pages.

Please read our guide on tagging your customer information 

    <div class="nosto_customer" style="display:none">
​       ...  
​      <span class="marketing_permission">true</span> </div>

It should be also included similarly as a part of the order-confirmation/thank-you page. Please read our guide on tagging your customer information 

    <div class="nosto_purchase_order" style="display:none">
​      ...
​      <span class="marketing_permission">true</span></div>  

The field can have two values, true or false which denote the user's content to email marketing.

Implications if tagging is not applied by 25th of May 2018
Empty value will be interpreted as false, while non-existing tagging is interpret as no change. Consequently, Nosto won't dispatch any triggered emails to these users when GDPR is in effect on 25th of May 2018. Read that: Only those consumers who have explicitly subscribed for direct marketing, will receive emails, and only if consent is mapped to Nosto using the tagging.

Implementing required changes on BigCommerce
Not currently supported on BigCommerce.

Implementing required changes on Magento 1
Install or upgrade to Nosto Extension version 3.6.0 or later.

Implementing required changes on Magento 2
Install or upgrade to Nosto Extension version 2.9.0  or later.

Implementing required changes on Prestashop
Install or upgrade to Nosto Extension version 3.3.0 or later.

Implementing required changes on Shopware
Install or upgrade to Nosto Extension version 2.0.0 or later.

For all the platforms above, the stated version is the first version containing the new tagging. However, we recommend to always upgrade to the latest available version. 

Implementing required changes on Shopify
On Shopify changes have been implemented in early April 2018 and detail is automatically mapped to Nosto. No action required.

Implementing changes on any other e-commerce platform than above
If you're building or managing Nosto integration on any other platform, add the marketing permission as a part of the tagging separately by May 25th as otherwise triggered emails are not by default sent out.

In case you need further advise, please send our support a message here or contact your customer success or technical solution manager!

Testing your module upgrade or new tagging
To test that Nosto is receiving marketing permissions tagging, create an account on your store (or log in) and opt into direct marketing. Then visit to launch the debug toolbar. 

Click Overview -> Login, then navigate to Tagging and then the Customer tab. 

You should see your account information plus Marketing Permissions: True.
Then opt-out of direct marketing to test that this information successfully changes to False.

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