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Nosto Cookie Summary

Useful information about Nosto's cookies, data controls and data retention.

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Nosto utilizes first-party cookies on the site's own domain (as the source domain) to recognize browsers across visits and within a single visit. Learn more about the distinctions and roles of first and third-party cookies in our in the article Nosto and Cookies.

Cookie Directory

Below, you'll find details on cookie IDs and their functionalities. Nosto reserves the right to modify cookies related to user status to enhance our services, introduce new features, and provide additional benefits to merchants. As a related detail to cookies, the `nostojs` ensures Nosto can efficiently manage cookies on your device.

Key Cookies

  • 2c.cId - assigns a unique identifier to each browser for tracking visits and interactions. This process, akin to web analytics services like Google Analytics, helps build customer profiles based on site activity by using the unique random identifier.

  • 2c.dId -  Activated when the cross-device feature is on, this cookie merges customer profiles from multiple devices by storing a previous customer ID as a device ID.

  • 2c.dc - Utilized for managing pop-up status (e.g., discounts) and tracking which pop-ups have been displayed or minimized.

Cookie Lifetime and Data Retention

All Nosto cookies are set to expire after four years. It's important to note that the cookie's lifespan is distinct from the data retention period, which is considerably shorter. Adjustments to cookie lifetime can be made to comply with specific policies and regulations, facilitated through contact with Nosto support or your customer success manager. Please note that changes to cookie lifetime is advisable to execute only once as it also affects Nosto’s segments and other analytics features.

Data Retention

  • Shopper data is retained for 450 days post the last interaction, to allow for seasonally relevant personalization. Therefore the period is longer than one year. This ensures a capability to personalise experiences for shoppers who bought summer garment the year after, but not longer than one year plus three months. Data for inactive shoppers beyond this period is purged.

  • For visitors who browse without purchasing or providing contact details, their data is stored for 90 days.

  • Data on visitors who leave the site immediately (bounce, immediate exit) is kept for 30 days.

Related Topics and Useful Information

To disable Nosto personalization and to effectively remove all Nosto cookies from shoppers opting out from all cookies, refer to our guide on disabling the Nosto script. For more complex scenarios, including private-mode operations retaining some personalization capabilities, contact our support team or your customer success manager.

Nosto’s Data Controls feature offers straightforward data management, allowing the exclusion of specific data types from processing. This doesn’t remove cookies, but instead stops processing unwanted data types from individual shoppers. For deleting personal data upon request or fulfilling data access requests from customers, use our Customer Removal Tool and Customer Data Takeout Tool, respectively.

For compliance with GDPR Article 30, explore Nosto's Data Processing Policy and the Record of Processing Activities, accessible via the Nosto admin under Settings > Data Controls > Legal. The latter describes in brief for what purpose and what data Nosto uses on the selected Nosto account, which you might find useful when describing your own data privacy policy.

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