Nosto sets up persistent first party cookies using site's own domain (as a source domain) in order to identify browsers between their visits and during their visit.

Cookie list (IDs) and behaviour listed below. Nosto keeps right to add/remove/change user status related cookies in order to develop the service to offer new features and benefits to merchants. All cookies have 4 year expiration time, but please note that retention time for personal data is notably shorter.

nostojs - To validate that Nosto is technically able to read and write cookies to the device.

  • 2c.cId - To identify browsers between their visits to the site. Each browser is given a unique random identifier created by Nosto. Information about the browser's behavior on the site is then stored into Nosto's service as a customer profile under this identifier. The purpose and usage of this cookie is very similar to how web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, work.

  • 2c.dId -  If cross-device support (feature) enabled: To store previous customerId as device id when merging multiple devices as 1 customer profile

  • 2c.dc - If pop-ups (feature) enabled: for storing status of various discount popups, ie. which pop-ups have been already shown and minimised etc.

Nosto debugger tool cookies

Nosto debug toolbar adds two cookies, which are only written when the debugger is activated to review and debug Nosto on the site. To clarify: These are only added when a site administrator enables the debugger and never for regular visitors of the site:

  • nostodev

  • nostopreview

Related Topics and Useful Information

If you want to disable Nosto script from loading and effectively disable Nosto personalisation on your site, please find documentation here.

The tooling under Data Controls allows you to adjust what types of personal data Nosto processes, making it simple to omit and exclude data types, which you don't want Nosto to process.

Customer Removal Tool helps you to remove personal data from Nosto, should you receive "forget-me requests" by your customers.

Customer Data Takeout Tool helps you to comply to requests what data Nosto has on individual shoppers, should you receive requests by your customers.

If you discovered this article in process of finding more information what kind of data Nosto processes and stores to fulfil requirements of GDPR article 30, two useful resources for you are Nosto's Data Processing Policy / Addendum and account-based Record of Processing Activities in the Nosto admin.

The latter describes in brief for what purpose and what data Nosto uses on the selected Nosto account, which you might find useful when writing your own data privacy policy. You can find the tool under Settings > Data Controls > Legal

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