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With Nosto's Onsite Content Personalization, you can personalize any and every element of your web store, including navigation bars, banners, videos, copy, graphics & logos, and CTAs.

In this article, you will learn the basics about creating Onsite Content Personalization campaigns.
Creating a new campaign

You can create a new campaign using our built-in wizard. Ready-made templates are available along with an HTML editor, offering full flexibility over design.

Campaign listing

Once a campaign has been created and is displayed onsite, targeting various segments, Nosto tracks specific Key Performance Indicators. These KPIs are calculated when shoppers are either exposed to the campaign or if they click on it.

Note: a campaign is loaded onsite using a Nosto Placement, which is a defined element on the page. You can learn more about Nosto Placements by reading a specific guide here

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