What is the refSrc parameter?

Usage of refSrc

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You might have noticed the new strange refSrc parameter in your URLs, whenever you click on a product in a Nosto recommendation slot. Are you wondering what that might be?

The param `refSrc` defines the identifier of the product that was clicked in the recommendation.

For example, if you have a recommendation slot of the page, identified as nosto-slot-product1, and  customer clicks a product, within the slot, with the identifer pid1, the visitor will be redirected to a page and will see the following query parameters appended to his URL nosto=nosto-page-product1&refSrc=pid1

This is used to the clicks on products from recommendations so Nosto's AI Engine can optimise for products that have high-CTRs and can also be used for filtering our products with low CTRs.

If you still have questions on this, please reach out to Nosto support :)

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