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Nosto and Klaviyo Integration
Nosto and Klaviyo Integration

Learn how to get started with the integration between Nosto and Klaviyo and basics what you can achieve

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Getting started with Nosto and Klaviyo integration is quick and easy process and takes less than a minute.

Connecting Accounts

Start by retrieving an API token from your Klaviyo account, located in Klaviyo admin under Account > Settings > API keys

Submit the API token in Nosto admin under Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo. 

The integration will upload all email addresses processed by Nosto to Klaviyo by creating a new address book within the next 1-24 hours. 

The integration will not create duplicate entries or overwrite any data associated with existing contacts. The integration does not include marketing consent (opt-in / opt-out) detail for contacts, but will only add a segment name as the contact property. Marketing consent property will be left either empty for new contacts. 

Before activating the integration, please make sure that Klaviyo doesn’t automatically dispatch emails when new emails or address books are uploaded and created. These are typically daily enrolling emails or automated messages when a new contact joins an address book. Please review that emails are not sent when marketing consent is left empty/unknown and also note that the rules might differ from your default configuration as emails are uploaded by leveraging Klaviyo API. 

After confirming the connection, the integration will upload all email addresses processed by Nosto to Klaviyo by creating a new address book within the next 1-24 hours. Next, you need to choose the segment(s) you would like to sync to Klaviyo.

Syncing and Using Segments

Navigate to the Segments view and choose the Edit Segment view by selecting the segment and clicking the pen icon highlighted in red below.

Under the next view choose Klaviyo from the list and toggle the Synchronize this segment and click save.

First synchronization can take up to a few hours and once finalized, list Nosto customers will appear on your Klaviyo account (see example below). 

The List is updated twice a day (or every 12hrs) with new contacts, when customers move from a segment to another in Nosto, and if they appear in other segments you have synced to Klaviyo. If a contact is removed from a Nosto segment or completely from Nosto's system, the change is also reflected in Klaviyo.

Nosto will create possible new contacts, but as email-contacts mostly exist already in Klaviyo, only the segment detail is either added or updated. In other words, Nosto doesn't create duplicate contacts on your Klaviyo account.

Custom Klaviyo property nosto_segment (as seen below, at bottom right, example having value Category affinity: Kombai) is identical to the segment name created in Nosto.

Finally, create a segment in Klaviyo based on the custom property value like below, and use Klaviyo's targeting & automation options in Klaviyo to dispatch hyper-targeted email and messaging campaigns.  

Additionally or alternatively you can show or hide template blocks in your Klaviyo emails based on variables like Nosto's segment detail to add or hide content depending on the segment a user belongs to. 

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