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Nosto and Klaviyo Integration
Nosto and Klaviyo Integration

Learn how to get started with the integration between Nosto and Klaviyo and basics what you can achieve

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The integration of Nosto and Klaviyo significantly enhances e-commerce experiences for shoppers through the strategic use of data, personalized content, and targeted marketing efforts. This guide is designed to help users get started by detailing the integration's capabilities and the setup procedure.

Key Features, Benefits, and Example Use Cases:

  • Bi-directional Segment Sync: Data synchronization feature allows for the export of Nosto segments to Klaviyo to create detailed, personalized marketing campaigns. It also permits the import of Klaviyo segments and email lists into Nosto to further customize the website experience.

    • For instance, you can specifically target shoppers with Klaviyo emails based on their Nosto segment detail, such as size preferences by using Nosto segments.

    • Conversely, applying Klaviyo segments within Nosto enables website customization tailored to specific audience groups or based on the creative content of the emails.

  • Search Event Utilization: Utilize search event data from your website to generate Klaviyo segments, which is especially useful for creating targeted search abandonment emails. Search event feature ensures that potential customers who have shown interest through search activity are re-engaged with personalized communication.

  • Email Widget Integration: Incorporate Nosto's email widgets into Klaviyo emails to provide personalized product recommendations. This integration bridges the gap between email marketing and on-site personalization, offering a cohesive and tailored shopping experience across different customer touchpoints.

Connecting Accounts

The process of connecting your accounts for the Nosto and Klaviyo integration is straightforward and can be completed in under a minute.

Retrieve your API token from Klaviyo:

  • Navigate to the Klaviyo admin dashboard, go to Account > Settings > API Keys.

  • You may need to generate a new private token specifically for this integration. Ensure that this API token has full permissions for Events, Lists, Profiles, and Segments.

Submit your API token to Nosto:

  • In the Nosto admin panel, locate Account Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo > Settings tab.

  • Enter the API token you obtained from Klaviyo.

Activate integration features:

  • After submitting the API token, you can enable the specific features of the integration. Features are controlled individually in tabs, allowing you to select whether to import, export, activate search events, or utilize all available options.

Importing Segments and Lists from Klaviyo to Nosto

This section simplifies the process of importing both Klaviyo segments and email lists into Nosto. For simplicity, both are referred as 'segments'

Navigate to the import tab in Nosto and select "Turn on import." This action triggers a modal that enables you to select specific Klaviyo segments for transfer. This step involves transferring contact information, including names and email addresses, from Klaviyo to Nosto. It's important to note that you have full control over which segments are imported, and initially, only the names of the segments are transferred, not the personal data.

Activating Auto-Sync: By toggling auto-sync per segment, you activate the automated synchronization process between Klaviyo and Nosto. This process occurs twice daily. The initial import duration may vary from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the segment size.

Manual Synchronization: For real-time manual updates or to synchronize newly created segments in Klaviyo, use the "Reload lists" option for an instant sync. Additionally, a manual refresh and synchronization for specific segments can be initiated by clicking the "Sync" icon next to each segment. This feature ensures that your segments are always up to date and ready for use in personalization and targeting within Nosto.

Segment Import Limitations To maintain system efficiency, there's a soft limit of importing 20 segments simultaneously. This limitation helps ensure regular updates even for larger segments. If your marketing strategy requires more than 20 active segments, consider removing auto-sync from less critical segments or consult Nosto support for potential limit adjustments. Keep in mind, larger segments may require segmentation into smaller, more manageable sizes to ensure consistent updates every 12 hours.

Activating And Using Search Events

Integrating search events into your marketing strategy is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to engage users based on their search behavior.

Enabling Search Events: Begin by toggling the search event option within your Nosto account. This action enables Nosto to track and send data on website search activities to Klaviyo, including the specific terms or queries entered by users.

Configuring Search: The integration supports not only Nosto's search product, but also other search providers. Ensure your account settings' search query parameter accurately matches the query parameter used by your site's search function. This ensures that all relevant search data is captured and transmitted correctly.

Handling Non-Standard Search Parameters If your site's search function does not utilize a search parameter, you may need to incorporate the search event tracking through Nosto's tagging or Front-end API. Assistance from Nosto technical support or your development team can guide you through this process.

Utilizing Search Data in Klaviyo Once the search event tracking is active, the captured data will be visible in your Klaviyo admin panel as "Search Event by Nosto" This information allows for the creation of segments based on search behavior, such as targeting users who abandoned a search and also by the search term they used, thereby enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Advanced Segment Creation For a more nuanced approach, Nosto Search customers users can also leverage the top five search results—covering both products and product categories—to craft detailed segments. This capability enables even more targeted and personalized marketing efforts based on specific user interests and behaviors.

Activating And Using Segment Export

Upon activation of segment export, the integration facilitates the transfer of all email addresses processed by Nosto to Klaviyo, generating a new address book within the next 1-24 hours. This process ensures

  • No Duplicate Entries: The integration safeguards against the creation of duplicate entries or altering existing contact data in Klaviyo.

  • It adds a Nosto segment name as a contact property without including marketing consent details.

  • Marketing Consent: For new contacts, the marketing consent property remains unspecified.

  • It’s crucial to verify that Klaviyo's settings do not trigger automatic emails to these new contacts, particularly when marketing consent is absent or undefined, to comply with privacy regulations.

Initial Sync Duration: The first synchronization may take a few hours. Once complete, the list of Nosto customers will appear in your Klaviyo account. This list is updated twice daily to reflect new contacts, segment shifts, or removals, ensuring current and accurate targeting.

Segment Selection: Navigate to the Nosto Segments view in Nosto, select the desired segment, and click the edit (pen) icon. In the ensuing view, select Klaviyo, enable the "Synchronize this segment" option, and save your changes.

Handling New Contacts: While Nosto can generate new contacts in Klaviyo, it primarily updates the contact by adding a Nosto segment details for existing contacts to avoid duplicates.

Utilizing Custom Properties: Nosto segments are designated in Klaviyo through a custom property (e.g., "nosto_segment"). Leverage this property to create Klaviyo segments for precise targeting and automation in campaigns.

Email Content Customization: Enhance Klaviyo email campaigns by showing or hiding content blocks based on the Nosto segment details. This allows for dynamic content adaptation, ensuring relevance and engagement for each recipient based on their segment.

The section on integration settings for the Nosto and Klaviyo integration outlines several critical configuration options to optimize the integration's effectiveness and ensure compliance with privacy standards. Here's a streamlined revision for clarity:

Configuring Integration Settings

The settings tab provides access to various general options for tailoring the Nosto and Klaviyo integration to your specific needs:

Token Management: Should you regenerate your Klaviyo API tokens, you can update the new token within this section to maintain the integration's functionality.

Tracking Parameters: The integration uses the Klaviyo list/segment tracking parameter to identify incoming traffic from Klaviyo emails based on URL parameter utm_source. If you've customized this tracking parameter, ensure it's updated here to accurately track and attribute incoming traffic.

Custom UTM Parameters: To enhance the identification of shoppers from Klaviyo emails, you can add a custom UTM parameter, klaviyo_segment, within the Klaviyo admin UI under UTM tracking.

This parameter, which carries the value of Klaviyo segment ID is defined by adding a variable {segment_id} to the campaign value field. It facilitates Nosto in associating email traffic with specific Klaviyo segments, allowing for precise segmentation and targeting as Nosto can interpret based on the segmentID the respective segment of a shopper. Consultation with your web analytics team is advised before implementing this change to ensure alignment with your overall analytics strategy.

Marketing Permissions Import: This optional setting allows for the import of marketing consent status from Klaviyo, impacting how Nosto handles marketing permissions for the imported contacts. Note that it will overwrite marketing consent permission for Nosto for identified contacts. Presuming your email marketing consent is centrally managed in Klaviyo, activating this setting ensures that email marketing efforts comply with user consent preferences. Nosto primarily uses the marketing consent and value for its triggered email product and to facilitate the creation of segments. It's important to note that consent for cookies and tracking represents a separate consideration.

Email Import Control: For additional privacy considerations, the option to import emails can be disabled. However, should you opt out of this feature, enabling the klaviyo_segment UTM parameter under paragraph Tracking Parameters becomes essential for Nosto to identify and segment incoming traffic.

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