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Including A/B testing on Plans during 2020
Including A/B testing on Plans during 2020
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What is changing in 2020 exactly?

After contract renewal, A/B Testing & Optimization will automatically be enabled and included in your plan, if it has not been already. If you are on annual billing, this product addition won’t affect your plan price. If you are on a monthly payment plan, the Nosto platform fee may increase, depending on what products are included in your renewed plan.

When is the change happening?

On the date of your contract renewal, provided that renewal is on or after January 1st, 2020. 

 Can I get access to A/B testing and Optimization earlier than that?

Absolutely, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or

Why are you adding A/B testing by default?

Being able to scientifically test different variations has large potential impacts on the results seen from personalization initiatives (see the case studies here). Our objective is to help our customers see the maximum results from Nosto in the easiest way possible. 

Can I opt-out of the changes?

Yes. If you do not want to include A/B Testing & Optimization in your plan, please notify your CSM prior to your renewal date or email us at

What are the different components in the A/B testing & Optimization?

Campaign Testing: Test different variations of a single page element to target specific audience segments with granular onsite experiences.

Experience Testing: Test multiple elements across any page or pages on your site to better understand how these changes impact a visitor’s overall journey to conversion.

Merchandising Insights: Surface deeper-level insights into how your personalization and optimization strategies affect sales for individual brands, products or audience segments.

Continuous Optimization: Automatically drive site traffic to the highest performing test variations throughout the duration of your tests.

What is the impact on my price if I choose to keep A/B Testing & Optimization?

Pricing varies depending on the different products and features that are included in your plan. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email for more detail.

Please note that switching to annual billing from monthly billing without any other plan changes gets you access to A/B Testing & Optimization without any cost increase.

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