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Product Update: Changes to our Facebook Ads Interface (June 2020)
Product Update: Changes to our Facebook Ads Interface (June 2020)
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Note: this article refers to the sunsetting or ‘phasing out’ of our Facebook Ads Interface, which begins in June 2020 and ends in January 2021.

Why is the tool being removed?

Due to rapid changes in the digital marketing space and the growing sophistication of Facebook’s Business and Ads Manager tools, we’ve chosen to maintain a Facebook integration that is more of an extension of Ads Manager, rather than an ads creation tool in itself.

We’re phasing out the bidding interface in two parts:

  • 23rd June 2020 - we will remove the old Ads Interface from users who are not connected to Facebook via Nosto, and for all new users. Users who are on the old Ad Interface have possibility to migrate their account to use new interface.

  • 4th Jan 2021 - we will remove old Ads interface completely, and terminate any ongoing campaigns

What does this mean?

After 3rd January 2021, you will no longer be able to create and manage your ads through Nosto. You will, however, still be able to use our Data Feed capabilities:

  • Rely on the Nosto product catalog

  • Keep the Nosto pixel on your site to track your audiences

  • Continue to use your Nosto lifecycle & custom segments as custom audiences within Ads Manager (available on Plus, Premium & Enterprise plans)

I still have access to the Ads Interface, why?

The Ads Interface will be removed for all accounts on 4th January, 2021. If you are still an active user of our Facebook Ads Interface, you have until then to recreate your ads in Facebook Business Manager and start using the new integration. On 4th January 2021, all campaigns within Nosto will be terminated.

But I rely on Nosto’s product catalog for my ads. Will I now need to manage my own product catalog?

No, we will retain the Nosto product catalog with the new integration.

But I rely on Nosto’s pixel for my ads. Will I now need to use the native Facebook pixel?

No, the Nosto pixel can still manage your audiences when you set up your ads within Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager is too complex, I relied on the ease & usability of the Nosto platform.

As Facebook Business Manager has become more powerful, our basic ads solution has essentially become obsolete. Learning to use Business Manager is what will take your ads strategy to the next level.

To help you with this transition, we’ve put together a list of help articles, which will help you replicate the ads that you used to set up on Nosto on Facebook Business Manager. We’ve also produced two Playbook articles to help you with your strategy.

Why should I use the new integration?

Using the Nosto pixel & custom audiences based on Nosto segments will ensure that your Facebook ads targeting is powered by 100% e-commerce specific signals, while segment-based audiences enable you to further personalise the ad experience for your customers. On top of that, our product catalog comes with filtering capabilities which help you to ensure that you never show products that might violate Facebook’s ad policy, or products that you don’t want to advertise such as low-value or low-margin items.

How do I start using the new integration?
Important: if you have any ad campaigns running through Nosto, taking the following action will terminate those campaigns.
You’ll find the Facebook integration under ‘Settings → Integrations’. Just click the Connect button to connect your Facebook account and start using it.

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