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Campaign performance report

Using the campaign performance report a retailer can focus on quantifying the impact of Nosto products.

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Campaign performance reports provides a clear and transparent overview to how Nosto contributes to merchants’ goals so they’re always able to communicate their investment’s return across the business.

The campaign performance report aims to answer f.ex following Nosto related questions:

  • What Nosto features are we currently using?

  • How many campaigns / sequences do we currently have live or disabled?

  • What are the overarching metrics for different products eg. “impressions over all CM sequences” or “total sales through all product recommendations”?

  • How is Nosto feature performance growing over time eg. MOM or YOY?

  • What are the orders that were attributed to this particular product eg. “where can i find evidence to back up these figures?”

Campaign attribution totals

All Nosto features have their individual definition of attribution. In the campaign performance report these figures are counted together and orders with multi-attribution adjusted to only report an order once.

Example: If both an Email Widget and a Product Recommendation claim attribution for an order with a value of $100, this sum will only be reported once. Yet this $100 attribution will show up both under Product Recommendations and Email Widget reporting views.

Values are presented both as a percentage compared to overall revenue and as a total sum value.

Read more about attribution: Conversion Attribution & Definition

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