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Troubleshooting: Issues Connecting Your Instagram Account to Nosto's UGC
Troubleshooting: Issues Connecting Your Instagram Account to Nosto's UGC
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Having trouble connecting your Instagram account to your stack? Are all or some of your Instagram pages not appearing on the Social Access Tokens page after a "successful" connection?

This scenario often is caused by the:

  • Granting permissions by default has been disabled on your Facebook and/or Instagram Account(s)

  • The Instagram account has been connected to the wrong Facebook page (happens more than you think)

  • You do not have the proper permissions to the Instagram Account to begin with

Below are the steps that should be taken to help resolve the root cause of the connection issue.

Removing all current connections

  1. The first step in the process is to remove Nosto as a Business Integration on the user's Facebook account:

  2. Next is to remove the current accounts on the Nosto side:

    • Within your stack, navigate to Settings > Social Tokens

    • Remove any existing connections to the related business account in question.

Once done, you'll now have a fresh start to the authentication process.

Connecting accounts

  1. Simply click the Connect Facebook and Instagram Accounts button to get started.

    • If you successfully followed the first steps above, you will see a screen similar to below:

    • 1.png
  2. Click 'Continue as XYZ' and move to the second screen

  3. Next click the option titled 'Choose what you allow'. Select this option BEFORE clicking 'OKAY'.

    IMPORTANT: This step is crucial to confirm that the proper permissions are being granted.

  4. This will load a third screen, which includes a series of options.

    • The primary options we need to check are:

      • Access profile and posts from the Instagram business connected to your page

      • Manage comments for the Instagram business connected to your page

      • Access insights for the Instagram business connected to your page

    • Under each of these sections should be all the Instagram Business Page(s) that you hope to connect. It is essential that the Instagram Business Accounts are listed and that they have an appropriate checkmark next to them.

      • If they aren't listed, then the Instagram Business Account(s) have not been properly connected to the Facebook Page, or you do not have permission to that account.

      • 3.png
  5. If everything is listed as expected, each account has the checkmark next to it, you should be able to progress by clicking 'OK'. Now, all of your Instagram accounts should be connected to your stack!

Still do not See the Instagram Connection

As a last resort:

  1. Revert the Instagram Business account to a personal account (from the Instagram mobile app).

  2. Then re-convert back to a Business account (from the Instagram mobile app).

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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